Credit Checks, References and Contracts

Letting agents may charge to check out prospective tenants and prepare contracts. No Agent does it all as part of our low fixed monthly fee.

Checked Out

We do Industry standard credit checks and referencing on your tenants. This includes checking financial reliability such as any past CCJs or payment defaults and checking both their employment status and tenancy track record.

It's Free

We do not charge you or your tenants for this service.


We are one of the few national agents that don’t charge tenants fees at any point during their tenancy.


Our smart technology and experienced reference team are able to flag up fraudulent tenancy applications and misleading information.


Our average reference is completed in under 72 hours.

Latest Paperwork

You get an up-to-date AST contract from us for NO CHARGE.

Easy Renewals

You and your tenants will never have to sign another piece of paperwork again. Renewals are completed by both sides in a few clicks.

Phone an Expert

You can phone your dedicated property manager as well as our free legal helpline, should you need advice at any point.

Viewings & Profiling
Management, Repairs and Inspections
Management & Repairs
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