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No Agent isn’t a traditional lettings agent.
If you’re looking to rent a property through No Agent, this is how it works:

Finding your new home
Finding your new home

- Request details about the property you want to view on Rightmove or Zoopla.

- If your profile matches the landlord’s, we will get in touch to schedule your viewing.

- If the landlord accepts your offer, we’ll start working on your references and credit check immediately.

Reference and Credit Check
Reference and Credit Check

- We reference and credit check all prospective tenants.

- We will send you a detailed info about Reference and Credit Checks.

Moving you in
Moving you in

- Some landlords prefer to handle this stage themselves.

- If we handle your move in, this may include appointing an inventory clerk, performing identity and Right to Rent checks and handing over keys.

Support during tenancy
Supporting you throughout your tenancy

- No Agent will be your first point of contact for almost everything related to your tenancy.

- We’re 24/7, so if you have any issue to report reach out on 0330 999 1234.

- We’ll always check with the landlord first, but we’ll resolve issues and repairs as quickly as possible.

Collecting your rent
Collecting your rent

- We collect rent on behalf of your landlord via Direct Debit.

- Your rental payment information will be shared with Experian and will help you establish or build credit history. You can find out more about this here.

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